evguard®: special ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) film for laminated glass and laminated safety glass

The Folienwerk Wolfen company is a pioneer in the processing of EVA films. Ethylene-vinyl acetate, or EVA, is a copolymer best known for its outstanding resistance to heat and aging.

Premium evguard® laminating film is the latest development from Folienwerk Wolfen and is tailored especially to the high demands of architecture and interior design.

evguard® for laminated safety glass in architecture

Thanks to its safety properties, high-performance evguard® EVA film is especially suited for the laminated safety glass and sound insulation glass.

Its high elasticity and adhesion also make this innovative product perfect for use in burglary protection and safety barriers.

evguard® for laminated glass in interior design

Embedded as an interlayer film for special effects in laminated glass, evguard® offers a diverse range of uses in interior design. Various textures and colors with fixed or variable degrees of transparency are possible here as well as modern one-way vision effects and other innovative applications. evguard® laminating film was developed in Germany and is manufactured with European raw materials.

Laminated glass manufactured with evguard® has been tested extensively in Europe as well as in regions with extreme climatic conditions. Find out more about the product features of evguard® laminate film from our website.

Would you like to use evguard® as a laminate film in architecture or interior design? Please feel free to contact us or one of our sales partners.