Areas of application

From glass laminate to laminated safety glass: a wide range of applications

Laminated glass with technical safety features

evguard® laminate film also has a broad range of applications in architecture. It ensures high heat and ageing resistance in laminated safety glass, for example with applications in facade construction, offering both theft and fall protection. Through the influence of temperature during lamination, a three-dimensional, highly inter-connected framework within the laminated glass or laminated safety glass is formed.

evguard® laminate film made of copolymer ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) has many exceptional physical properties, from which a number of applications in interior design and architecture can be derived. The spectrum ranges from decorative glass laminates and facade glass to laminated safety glass.

Lamination with evguard® laminate film and sensitive inserts

evguard® laminating film can be laminated at low temperatures. This enables the placing of decorative, temperature-sensitive inserts into the laminate. Plants, photographs or even coffee beans can thus become exciting decorative elements.

Let yourself be inspired by the variety of creative possibilities and benefit from the numerous positive features of glass lamination with evguard® laminating film.

Glass laminates and inter-layer design in interior design

Integrated as inter-layer film in laminated glass, evguard® laminate film can be used to create exciting effects in interior design and decoration. Special textures and colours in various adjustable transparency levels can be created. In addition, glass laminates made with evguard® can be equipped with lighting or one-way-vision effects that create optical effects such as transparency and lightness in spaces.

EVGUARD laminate has broad applications in various types of interior design and architecture due to its excellent heat and ageing resistance. This includes its application as facade protection glass and sound insulation glass or fire protection glass.

The flexible evguard® laminate film combines the specific physical properties of excellent transparency and resistance with high stability and durability for permanent glass lamination.

A range of effects with evguard® laminate film glass lamination

High-quality, inter-layer evguard® glass laminate films, integrated into laminated glass for decorative or safety purposes, open up almost unlimited possibilities in modern glass construction. Discover what design effects can be created thanks to the glass lamination and which accentuations can be used in office buildings, catering establishments and other public or private spaces.

Folienwerk Wolfen is one of the pioneers in this field and produces EVA film directly using European raw materials at its plant in Germany.

evguard® laminate film is proven in use as a fire-resistant glass

A number of positive physical properties ensure that the EVA laminate film evguard® has various applications. evguard® has been successfully tested for use as sound insulation glass and fire protection glass. Laminated glass with high temperature resistance and low weight.

Well-known fire protection glass manufacturers have already tested evguard® laminate film and achieved excellent results.

A major advantage is our ability to manufacture fire protection glass with a significantly lower weight than traditional laminated glass. The film contains no softening agents and in laminated condition has similar physical properties to hard rubber. In contrast to thermoplastic film (e.g. PVB), a three-dimensional, highly inter-connected layer forms in the lamination process, serving as a basis for the laminated glass. Therefore, evguard® laminate film does not melt and has a higher temperature resistance than thermoplastic films.

From facade glass to fire protection glass: evguard® laminate film as a laminated glass in architecture

evguard® laminate film offers a wide range of solutions in the construction of laminated safety glass specifically for applications in architecture as sound insulation glass, fire protection glass and facade glass.

The superior technical safety features and possibilities for decorative applications both in interior design and architecture are convincing.

Laminated safety glass as facade glass: good flexibility and high adhesion

Lamination with evguard® laminate film - for more safety

In contrast to traditional PVB film, evguard® laminating film is free of softening agents and behaves in laminated condition like hard rubber. Thus the film in the laminate does not melt and the laminated glass is optimally suited for fire protection glass. Glass lamination with this EVA film likewise acts, with a 44.2 construction, as excellent sound protection glass with an insulation value of at least 37 dB.

If you laminate glass with evguard® laminate film, decorative and heat-sensitive inter-layer films, for example one-way-vision film, can be introduced. Ask our specialist staff about the first-class properties of evguard® laminating film for laminated glass.

Sound insulation glass with high transparency and durability

The material can be processed at comparatively low temperatures, starting from 105°C both with vacuum lamination and the autoclave process, and convinces due to high transparency and durability. Manufactured as laminated safety glass (VSG) with a 44.1 construction, evguard® laminate film meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 12543-4 with regard to temperature, humidity and irradiation. In addition, lightweight sound insulation glass can be produced with evguard®.

evguard® laminate film is developed by Folienwerk Wolfen, which has many years of experience in the manufacturing of innovative and high-performance films made with EVA and other plastics. evguard® laminate film is "Made in Germany" using European raw materials.

evguard® laminate film also convinces as sound insulation glass

Due to its various physical properties, the EVA laminate film evguard® is not only suitable for laminated glass and fire protection glass, but also for the manufacturing of sound insulation glass.Sound insulation glass made with evguard® laminate film with a 44.2 construction achieves a sound insulation rate of at least 37 dB without additional sound insulating layers.

evguard® laminate film is also ideally suited for other laminate glass with acoustic properties.

Glass lamination makes one-way-vision effects possible

Unusual textures or colours with fixed or sensitive adjustable degrees of transparency, integrated lighting and one-way-vision effects in films are just a few of the innovative applications that are possible with laminated glass using evguard® laminate film.
Especially the combination of evguard® laminate film and one-way-vision film delivers exciting results: on one side of the laminated sheet, an individually selected motif is visible, from the other side you can see through the sheet.

This results in numerous possibilities for use: meeting rooms can thus be made unobservable from the outside in an attractive and creative way - the persons inside the room nevertheless have a good view and generous sense of space. Offices or medical practices benefit from the one-way-vision effect if they equip their premises on the ground floor with a privacy screen, whilst wishing to have the view.