Product characteristics of evguard® laminate film for laminated safety glass

evguard® laminate film, due to its excellent heat and ageing resistance, has broad applications in various types of interior design and architecture. This includes the use of evguard® laminate film for laminated safety glass and sound insulation glass or fire protection glass.

Flexible evguard® laminate film combines the specific physical properties of excellent transparency and resistance with high stability and durability for permanent glass lamination. Folienwerk Wolfen is among the pioneers in this field and produces EVA film "Made in Germany" using European raw materials

evguard® laminate film is suitable ...

evguard laminate construction
  • for the production of laminated safety glass or ballistic glass,
  • as sound insulation glass with acoustic properties,
  • as a lightweight fire resistant glass and
  • for glass laminates with decorative inserted materials, such as coloured or sensitive adjustable film.

evguard® laminate film was developed in Germany. Laminated glass and laminated safety glass manufactured using it has successfully passed extensive tests both in Europe and more climatically challenging regions of the world.