Sound insulation glass with high transparency and durability

The material can be processed at comparatively low temperatures, starting from 105°C both with vacuum lamination and the autoclave process, and convinces due to high transparency and durability. Manufactured as laminated safety glass (VSG) with a 44.1 construction, evguard® laminate film meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 12543-4 with regard to temperature, humidity and irradiation. In addition, lightweight sound insulation glass can be produced with evguard®.

evguard® laminate film is developed by Folienwerk Wolfen, which has many years of experience in the manufacturing of innovative and high-performance films made with EVA and other plastics. evguard® laminate film is "Made in Germany" using European raw materials.

evguard® laminate film also convinces as sound insulation glass

Due to its various physical properties, the EVA laminate film evguard® is not only suitable for laminated glass and fire protection glass, but also for the manufacturing of sound insulation glass.Sound insulation glass made with evguard® laminate film with a 44.2 construction achieves a sound insulation rate of at least 37 dB without additional sound insulating layers.

evguard® laminate film is also ideally suited for other laminate glass with acoustic properties.