Processing temperatures

evguard® laminate film impresses not only with high transparency, but above all with excellent processing capabilities at lower temperatures.

evguard® laminate film can be laminated by vacuum process or autoclave.

Minimum temperature 105 °C
Maximum temperature 160 °C

Glass lamination by vacuum or autoclave process

evguard laminated glass

evguard® laminate film can be processed within a temperature range of 105°C to 160°C. There are various processes to choose from in the permanent combination of glass surfaces. evguard® laminate film forms a three-dimensional, highly inter-connected laminated layer between the glass through the influence of temperature.

In the autoclave process, first a pre-lamination between the glass and film layer is manufactured using roller presses. Then in an autoclave - a gas-tight lockable pressure chamber - the pre-lamination is made into a permanent laminate under heat and pressure. Alternatively, the use of a vacuum thermo-oven for the production of laminated glass with evguard® laminate film is also possible.


The film can be stored at a max. temperature of 30°C and max. humidity of 70%.

It is protected from direct sunlight, dust and other interference by the original packaging.