Lamination with evguard® laminate film and sensitive inserts

evguard® laminating film can be laminated at low temperatures. This enables the placing of decorative, temperature-sensitive inserts into the laminate. Plants, photographs or even coffee beans can thus become exciting decorative elements.

Let yourself be inspired by the variety of creative possibilities and benefit from the numerous positive features of glass lamination with evguard® laminating film.

Glass laminates and inter-layer design in interior design

Integrated as inter-layer film in laminated glass, evguard® laminate film can be used to create exciting effects in interior design and decoration. Special textures and colours in various adjustable transparency levels can be created. In addition, glass laminates made with evguard® can be equipped with lighting or one-way-vision effects that create optical effects such as transparency and lightness in spaces.

EVGUARD laminate has broad applications in various types of interior design and architecture due to its excellent heat and ageing resistance. This includes its application as facade protection glass and sound insulation glass or fire protection glass.

The flexible evguard® laminate film combines the specific physical properties of excellent transparency and resistance with high stability and durability for permanent glass lamination.

A range of effects with evguard® laminate film glass lamination

High-quality, inter-layer evguard® glass laminate films, integrated into laminated glass for decorative or safety purposes, open up almost unlimited possibilities in modern glass construction. Discover what design effects can be created thanks to the glass lamination and which accentuations can be used in office buildings, catering establishments and other public or private spaces.

Folienwerk Wolfen is one of the pioneers in this field and produces EVA film directly using European raw materials at its plant in Germany.