evguard® laminate film is proven in use as a fire-resistant glass

A number of positive physical properties ensure that the EVA laminate film evguard® has various applications. evguard® has been successfully tested for use as sound insulation glass and fire protection glass. Laminated glass with high temperature resistance and low weight.

Well-known fire protection glass manufacturers have already tested evguard® laminate film and achieved excellent results.

A major advantage is our ability to manufacture fire protection glass with a significantly lower weight than traditional laminated glass. The film contains no softening agents and in laminated condition has similar physical properties to hard rubber. In contrast to thermoplastic film (e.g. PVB), a three-dimensional, highly inter-connected layer forms in the lamination process, serving as a basis for the laminated glass. Therefore, evguard® laminate film does not melt and has a higher temperature resistance than thermoplastic films.